Fishing Business Assistance Program

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Fishing Business Assistance Program

Fishing Business Assistance grants provide assistance to directly affected commercial fishers with a recent history of fishing in Australian Marine Parks as they adjust their businesses to the new operating environment.

Five new Australian Marine Park management plans covering 44 Australian Marine Parks came into effect on 1 July 2018. These management plans set out how the Director of National Parks will manage the marine parks over the next 10 years including through zoning arrangements that protect Australia’s marine environment and support Australia’s world-class sustainable commercial fishing sector.

While the new management plans have significantly reduced the impacts on commercial fishers, some individuals may still be affected. Assistance is being provided for those commercial fishers directly affected by the new management arrangements.

The Fishing Business Assistance program is a component of the $35 million Fisheries Assistance and User Engagement Package announced by the Australian Government on 1 July 2018. To further support our sustainable fishing sector, the Australian Government has also opened a complementary program to provide $5 million for industry-led projects that improve long-term sustainable fishing and conservation outcomes in Australian Marine Parks.

More information

More information about the Fisheries Business Assistance Program, as well as requirements for grant recipients can be found in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines and in the Questions and Answers. You must receive a letter from the Director of National Parks offering you a grant by registered mail to be eligible for the grant.

Commercial fishers are also eligible to access the Rural Financial Counselling Service. This service provides free agri-business guidance to clients suffering, or at imminent risk of suffering financial hardship. It also provides a referral service for those who wish to access family, emotional or social counselling.

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