The Try, Test and Learn Fund: Build and Grow Project

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The Build and Grow project is targeted at students that have transitioned from education to unemployment. These students may be dealing with a variety of barriers to continued engagement with education or employment, such as mental health issues, or they may lack motivation to continue traditional classroom-based study.

To address these issues, the project uses an eight-week, intensive training program that is focused on civil construction work, and the work of other industries. The program offers practical training from qualified tradespeople in a simulated workplace. This type of training may be more desirable for young people to engage with; additionally, it exposes participants to the realities of the workplace, allowing them to be better prepared for the transition to work. The project also offers the support of a Youth Development Worker for program participants, who can help them with their more complex barriers to employment through mentoring and referrals to other appropriate services.

Project activities will focus on skills development and job readiness for the civil construction industry in a first site in Western Sydney. This includes work skills in civil construction as well as life skills, such as organisation and time management. A second site will apply a similar training model, but adapted for another industry, either commercial and residential construction, or landscaping. The focus on new industries at the second site will require an initial development and setup period before it can become operational. This is to ensure the model is suitable for the new industry.

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