The Try, Test and Learn Fund: Strengthening Students’ Resilience Project

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The objective of the Strengthening Students’ Resilience project is to increase young students’ engagement in education and attainment of employment by using behavioural insights and technology to develop resilience and the skills to set and meet goals.

The project is a trial program to assist young students in two tertiary education institutions in New South Wales, one metropolitan and one regional. The project utilises behavioural economics and technology to build supportive groups for students and also builds the skills to set and meet goals, thereby motivating students to stay connected to their education, complete their study and attain employment. It will operate in partnership with institutions where student drop-out rates are high.

The project includes a mobile app and a web site, delivering a goal-setting tool and nudge texts informed by behavioural economics that will be developed and fine-tuned in a pre-trial pilot. Participants will be enrolled in the mobile app; nudge texts will assist with network building and with goal-setting. The network will include employers, to assist students with the transition to employment. By combining tool engagement with other student information, high risk students are flagged with the educator’s support services for additional intervention.

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