The Try, Test and Learn Fund: Train and Care Project

Category Transition to Work

Status Closed

State/Territory National

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The Train and Care project is targeted at young parents under the age of 25 years, who are currently receiving Parenting Payment. The project aims to help these young parents transition into work by assisting them with skills development, by guaranteeing childcare placements, and offering financial assistance to cover any upfront or gap childcare costs.

To ensure participants are adequately skilled for entry-level work positions, the Train and Care project will offer a six to nine month practical training program, including lessons as well as hands-on learning and work trials with partnered employers. Childcare placements are guaranteed for participants, which will allow them to participate in training without being concerned about finding a childcare spot. Gap payments and upfront financial assistance will be provided to prevent disengagement due to financial pressures.

Training that is offered will be flexible to accommodate family commitments in timing and duration of classes. Training is complemented by mentoring and work placements, which could lead to employment with the placement organisation at the end of the program..

The trial evaluation will focus on the effectiveness of the training to move participants into employment. The combination of flexible hands-on training, childcare provision, and work placements are the foundational elements that will be the focus of the program evaluation. It will be evaluated to assess its success in achieving the specified outcomes and the appropriateness of the approach for a broader rollout.

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