Online safety – Publicly funded grant recipients and their clients

The Commonwealth’s policy is that, as part of any publicly funded service delivery, the safety of clients and children when using computers and digital technology must be assured. It is expected that grant recipients will take reasonable steps to protect their clients, and particularly children, from the risks of harmful content and harmful or inappropriate use of computers and digital technology, where the grant recipient’s computers and other technology are supported through public funding.

Reasonable steps to protect may include having a policy in place about appropriate use of computers and online safety for staff and clients, for example by installing filters, conducting audits, and providing information and/or training to staff and clients about online safety. 

You must, on request, promptly provide required evidence that you have complied with this policy.

You must also reflect your obligations under this policy in all subcontracts you enter into in relation to the grant activity or part of the activity.

This policy applies to all publicly funded grant recipients which receive funding under a DSS Grant Agreement.

More information about online safety and security can be found at Stay Smart Online