eSafety Message for Grant Recipients

We all have a responsibility to keep children and your clients’ safe, including online. As a publically funded grant recipient you are required to play your part. This means you should review and improve online safety policies and practices to ensure the online safety of your clients and children when using digital technologies. This may include mobiles, computers or other devices to communicate by voice, video or text, such as email, instant messaging and social posts. 

The Australian Government eSafety Commissioner website provides a range of resources to help organisations, review and improve their online safety policies and practices. 

We require Grant Recipients to ensure that they have in place online safety policies as a requirement of your grant agreement and / or grant activity. You may be required to provide evidence that you have complied with this requirement. 

It is important that you reflect your obligations regarding online safety in all sub-contracts you enter into in relation to a publically funded grant activity or part of the activity.

This applies to all publicly funded grant recipients who receive grant funding under a Community Grants Hub Grant Agreement delivered by the Department of Social Services. 

More information about online safety and security can be found at Stay Smart Online and eSafety.