Making an enquiry to the Community Grants Hub - 1800 020 283 (option 1)

Why we ask for information when you contact the Community Grants Hub

What you need to make an enquiry

You may call or email the Community Grants Hub between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), Monday to Friday.

It is important that we know who you are. So we may ask you to prove your identity.

We need this to record our contacts correctly. If you are asking questions about an application that has been started, or submitted, we will ask if you are the primary or secondary contact on the application. We will use this information to search our records.

The same name checking will apply if you have received Commonwealth funding through an existing grant. We require this information so that we can give you accurate advice and help you in the right way.

To prove who you are, just confirm your information linked to the organisation record in our system. You can also confirm information within the application form, such as the submission reference number, or contact details.

We may call you to check that the information is correct.

Proving your identity is very important and it helps us help you. Please make sure you have the information we need.

What information will we ask you for?

If you are contacting us via phone regarding an application, a status update on your enquiry or application, we may ask you for the following:

  • first name/last name
  • organisation name or organisation ID
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • submission reference number or application ID
  • a receipt reference number if you have emailed us (email will reference a number such as PSXXXXXX)
  • best contact number.

Community Grants Hub (the Hub) or Department of Social Services (the department) officers do not:

  • call members of the public to promise grant funding
  • contact members of the public seeking personal information, such as bank details, passport or license numbers.

If we are unable to confirm who we are speaking with, we will ask you to email your enquiry to