At the Community Grants Hub our Vision is ‘To be the trusted provider of efficient and effective community grants administration to support client agencies achieve their outcomes’.

Our streamlined approach to offering a simplified grant experience comes from our Mission to always look at ways of ‘Improving how grants are administered across Government for the benefit of stakeholders and the community’.

Discover the benefits of how the Community Grants Hub will work across Government to provide streamlined grants administration.

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What is the Community Grants Hub?

As at 1 July 2016, the design, selection and establishment of community grants across a number of Australian Government client agencies started centralising administration of their grants through the Community Grants Hub (the Hub).

The Community Grants Hub is one of two Hubs being implemented to standardise how grants are designed, selected, established and managed across the Australian Government.

The Community Grants Hub, implemented by the Department of Social Services (DSS) will deliver grant administration services to Australian Government client agencies and organisations who primarily deliver grant programs to individuals and the community sector.

DSS has responsibility for the Hub and coordinates and supports client agencies by administering community grants to support their policy outcomes.

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What does this mean for Australian Government agencies?

The Streamlining Grants Administration (SGA) Initiative will enhance grants processes to generate additional value for government, grant applicants and recipients. To achieve this, the following changes will be made over time:

  • Australian Government agencies will retain all policy control for grant programs. However, from 1 July 2016 agencies started engaging with one of the Hubs.
  • A consistent, simplified and streamlined grants administration process will be implemented across government to improve efficiency and more effectively manage risks.
  • Two ICT platforms will be used by a number of Australian Government agencies to manage grants.
  • Agencies will have access to better grants data, which will assist in targeting programs and delivering improved policy outcomes.

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What does this mean for grant applicants and recipients?

Over time, grant applicants and recipients will experience:

  • reduced red tape through faster, simpler processes so organisation’s don’t have to repeat the same information
  • improved reporting processes
  • increased self-service capability
  • increased access to grant opportunities and grant information
  • more intuitive online services

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How will services change as the Community Grants Hub matures?

It is expected that the Hub service offer will evolve as new capabilities become available and the operating model matures. The Hub is aiming to gradually shift as many services online as possible, integrating them into a seamless end-to-end digital experience for both Australian Government client agencies and grant recipients.

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What are the service packages offered by the Community Grants Hub?

The Community Grants Hub (the Hub) currently offers the following packages:

  • On-Boarding Services (new Client Agency only);
  • Grants Digital Platform Services;
  • Grants Design (including Pre-Design), Selection and Establishment Services (Value Add); and
  • Grants Management Services (Value Add).

The Hub has been progressively working towards providing end-to-end grants administration services.

The minimum Service Offer in 2017-18 includes the Design, Select and Establish services offered by the Hub. This will include the Data Exchange (DEX) services for applicable programs. The DEX provides richer sources of data and will result in enhanced understanding of program performance to improve policy design.

In 2017-18, the Hub is also offering partial standalone components of the Manage and Evaluate services. This will include the transactional components of the Manage services and the assessment of Evaluation readiness.

Broader relationship management components of the Manage services will be available incrementally over the next three years and program Evaluation services will be available from July 2018.

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How can I contribute to improving the Community Grants Hub’s business function?

The Hub will have a continuous improvement framework that will enable Australian Government client agencies, grant recipients, and where possible, grant applicants to provide feedback and share innovative ideas with the Hub. Reports will be produced to monitor and measure performance to guide continuous improvements.

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