The Department of Social Services (DSS) has recently received reports that members of the Public have been contacted by phone by an individual or individuals identifying themselves as DSS officers.

The individual or individuals do in no way represent DSS or the Commonwealth. 

DSS officers do not:

  • announce outcomes of grant rounds via telephone
  • contact members of the public seeking personal information, such as banking, passport details or license details

For more details please see this news item.


Open grants

National Disability Advocacy Program


Carers of People with Disabilities

Closing Date & Time

The National Disability Advocacy Program aims to provide people with disability access to effective advocacy that promotes, protects and ensures their full and equal enjoyment of all human rights enabling full community participation. View grant

Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Cases Fund (ECCCF)


Legal Services

Closing Date & Time

The Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Cases Fund (ECCCF) is to reimburse legal aid commissions for costs incurred defending clients in serious, high cost, Commonwealth criminal matters (such as drug importation, people smuggling, terrorism, fraud and slavery). View grant

Veteran and Community Grants



Closing Date & Time

The Veteran and Community Grants program aims to maintain and improve the independence and quality of life for members of the veteran community by providing funding for projects that support activities and services to sustain or enhance health and wellbeing. View grant

The Try, Test and Learn Fund: Tranche 2


Transition to Work

Closing Date & Time

The Try, Test & Learn Fund Tranche 2 funds trials of innovative approaches to help groups at risk of long-term welfare dependence. View grant