Incomplete applications and missing information policy

If a grant application submitted to an agency is incomplete or missing information, the applicant may be contacted by the agency and asked for further information or documentation.

Applicants may be asked to provide administrative details that are missing from the application form, such as postcodes and checkboxes not ticked.  Administrative details are defined as those that have no material or determining effect on the outcome of the assessment of the application.

During the assessment phase, applicants may be contacted if a technical fault is apparent, for example a page has not scanned correctly, text has run off the page or the date range of documents sent is incorrect (for example, a 2012 version sent instead of 2013).  The applicant may re-submit the documentation requested, but may not make additions to the original intended documents.  The Probity Advisor overseeing the assessment process will be consulted to make sure that the treatment is fair and transparent.

An applicant will be provided with up to 5 working days to submit the relevant information/documentation.  If the information is not provided within this time, the agency will then make a determination on the eligibility status of the application and/or continue to assess the application based on the available documentation.