Break the cycle of welfare dependency

On 22 November 2017, the Try, Test and Learn funding round opened. Applicants can apply for funding to trial innovative projects to help improve the lives of vulnerable Australians, to support those who are most in need. Funding will also help people build skills, knowledge and experience needed to find work and reduce the risks of intergenerational welfare dependency.

The Try, Test and Learn Fund was announced in the 2016‑17 Federal Budget as a response to the Australian Priority Investment Approach to Welfare. The Australian Government will review the Australian population and identify groups of people at risk of welfare dependence and disadvantage. This new way of looking at the social security system helps the Government target funding towards programs and policies to help people move into education or employment, and evaluate the effectiveness of these programs over time.

This funding will help the following priority groups:

  • Newstart Allowance recipients aged 50 and over (with a focus on those who have been out of work for longer than 12 months)
  • migrants and refugees aged 16‑64 receiving income support
  • carers aged 16‑64 receiving carer payment
  • at‑risk young people aged 16‑21 receiving income support.

The objectives of Try, Test and Learn is to improve lifetime wellbeing by:

  • increasing the capacity of individuals to participate in social and economic life and to live independently of welfare
  • reducing the risk of welfare dependence
  • reducing long-term social security costs while maintaining a sustainable support system for vulnerable Australians.

The Community Grants Hub will assess applications in five batches. Each batch contains applications submitted for the grant opportunity over a two-month period.

The following are cut-off dates for all five batches:

  1. 31 January 2018
  2. 30 March 2018
  3. 31 May 2018
  4. 31 July 2018
  5. 28 September 2018

The Try, Test and Learn fund: Tranche 2 grant application pack, which includes the Grant Opportunity Guidelines, questions and answers and link to the application form, are on the Community Grants Hub website and GrantConnect.

For further information regarding the Try, Test and Learn grant opportunity, please contact the Community Grants Hub Hotline on 1800 020 283 or

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