Bringing grants to the Hub through the Modernisation Fund

Australian Government Initiative

The Australian Government is investing in a range of projects to modernise, transform and enhance the productivity of the Australian Public Service. And one of those ways is through the Public Service Modernisation Fund as part of the Digital Transformation Agenda.

Announced in the 2017-18 Budget, the Department of Social Services has been provided with a one-off, targeted injection of funds through the Modernisation Fund. These funds will support and accelerate the transition of grants programs to the Community Grants Hub (the Hub), and to support the Hub’s capability development, i.e. fast-tracking the streamlining and standardisation of Hub processes.

What are the benefits of the Modernisation Fund project for the Hub and its stakeholders?

  • the Hub is easy to use, saves time and reduces duplication of effort
  • upgrades to information technology and grant management systems with a centralised grant system to be rolled out, allowing applicants to see more easily what grants are available across government
  • simplification of the multiple ICT Systems and business processes currently in operation across the public service
  • transitioning of 52 grants programs (representing approximately 4400 funding agreements) to the Hub
  • clear and consistent IT systems for applicants and recipients.

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