Building Employer Confidence and Inclusion in Disability

Grant Opportunity – coming soon.

The Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program provides information and capacity building supports for all people with disability.

Funding of up to $20 million is available over 2 years under the Building Employer Confidence and Inclusion in Disability grant opportunity to build the confidence and ability of employers to hire, support and retain employees with disability and create inclusive workplaces by breaking down attitudinal barriers about people with disability.

The grant will focus on employers who have expressed an interest in employing people with disability but need support to get started and employers in growth industries who have, or are expected to have, significant workforce demands and/or known vacancies that could be filled by people with disability.

Grant activities may be focussed on whole industries or targeted to specific jurisdiction/s or location/s.

Applications are encouraged from organisations partnering with growth industries or sectors and from organisations that can demonstrate an ability to work with employers to improve disability inclusion and diversity.

Eligible activities may include those that improve organisational capacity and capability, address industry and workplace culture, or support specific industry approaches.

This open competitive grant opportunity will open in late January 2022 for 4 weeks.

This grant opportunity will be administered by the Community Grants Hub on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

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