Disability Representative Organisations grant opportunity

The Disability Representative Organisations (DRO) grant opportunity will provide funding of up to $10.208 million (GST exclusive) over 2 years from 2024-25 to 2025-26 ($5.104 million per year) to organisations to provide systemic advocacy for Australians with disability.

The DRO program provides the opportunity for people with disability, and their representative organisations, to have their views communicated to the Australian Government. Organisations funded under the DRO grant opportunity will participate in a range of engagement activities with the Australian Government, to ensure that disability issues and a diversity of voices are represented in decision-making, legislation, policy development and implementation of programs and policies that may affect people with disability.

Information Session

An information session will be held for potential applicants. This session will provide an opportunity for organisations who are intending to apply to ask questions about the grant opportunity. Following the information session, questions and responses will be made available through the Questions and Answers document available on the GrantConnect website. Details on the information session will be made available when the grant round opens.

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