Future Drought Fund (FDF): Long Term Trials of Drought Resilient Farming Practices Program

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The FDF Long-term Trials of Drought Resilient Farming Practices Program is a $40 million, 6 year, program that will investigate innovative and transformational farming practices of cropping and/or grazing systems through the lens of drought resilience and associated risk management.

The trials will test, refine, and demonstrate the effectiveness (or otherwise) of farming practices in a robust scientific manner, that will underpin and drive widespread adoption by providing farmers with the information and confidence they need to try the practices themselves.

It is expected that the program will support 4 to 10 trials, chosen through an open competitive process. Trials will include at least one location where activities can be assessed in scientifically and statistically valid ways. Trials making use of a network of sites may also be appropriate and could involve combinations of experimental plots, paddocks, farms. The use of contemporary technologies and trial techniques will be encouraged.

Trials will also undertake extension activities to increase the uptake of drought resilience innovations on farms with the aim of reducing exposure to drought risks and improving economic, environmental, and social resilience to drought.

Applications will be encouraged from collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional consortia, including farmers.

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