Tourism Local Navigators Pilot - a new place based approach expanding tourism job opportunities for people with disability

Grant opportunity - coming soon

The Pilot is focussed on businesses operating in the tourism industry including but not limited to accommodation, hospitality, attractions, food and beverage and transport. The Pilot will address barriers previously identified by small and medium sized business in recruiting, retaining and progressing jobseekers with disability.

It will test a new approach to supporting tourism employers with place-based local Navigators assisting small and medium sized businesses to connect with employment service providers/jobseekers with disability by:

  • providing expert advice in supporting small and medium sized businesses
  • leveraging existing networks and connections with employers at the local level
  • utilising JobAccess resources and support
  • connecting small and medium sized businesses to local employment service providers and potential jobseekers with disability.

The estimated period of release for this grant opportunity is 10 January to 21 February 2023.

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