Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service (ICAFSS) 2021-2026

A new open competitive grant opportunity for the Intercountry Adoptee and Family Support Service (ICAFSS) will be open for application across a period of six weeks between October and December 2020. Delivery of the redesigned ICAFSS is scheduled to commence from 1 July 2021.

The ICAFSS, funded by the Department of Social Services (the department), is a free, national service that provides post-adoption support to young adoptees, adult adoptees and adoptive parents. The ICAFSS also provides support to prospective adoptive parents before and during the intercountry adoption process and post-adoption support to families formed by expatriate adoptions.

Previously known as the Intercountry Adoption Family Support Service, the redesigned program has been renamed and informed by key themes that emerged through public consultations with the intercountry adoption community, held during February and March 2020.

The department would like to thank all participants for their time and ideas shared through consultation, which have informed this redesign. Summaries of the emerging themes can be found on DSS Engage.

This grant opportunity will be administered by the Community Grants Hub on behalf of the Department of Social Services.

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