Financial Resilience – Saver Plus

Category Social Inclusion

Status Closed

Selection Process Restricted

State/Territory National

Closing Date & Time

The Australian Government is inviting an organisation to apply in a restricted selection process to deliver services under the Families and Communities Program – Financial Wellbeing Capability (FWC) Activity – Financial Resilience – Saver Plus from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2020. To be eligible to apply, you must have received an invitation to apply through GrantConnect.

The FWC Activity is a component of the Families and Communities Program. The Families and Communities Program aims to strengthen relationships, improve the wellbeing of children and young people, reduce the cost of family breakdown, strengthen family and community functioning and facilitate the settlement of migrants and humanitarian entrants in the community.

The objectives of the FWC Activity are to support eligible individuals and families to navigate financial crises, build financial wellbeing, financial capability, and resilience. FWC services provide support to vulnerable people and those most at risk of financial and social exclusion and disadvantage.

Financial Resilience - Saver Plus is a matched savings program that provides eligible participants with financial education training, personal guidance and support over a 10‑month period on how to manage their social welfare payment and how to manage their bank account.

More information

More information about the services under the Families and Communities Program – FWC Activity and delivery of services, as well as requirements for applicants, is available in the following document:

  • Grant Opportunity Guidelines

Other grant opportunity documents are only accessible by invited applicants on the GrantConnect website.

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Please quote 2017-1083 – Financial Resilience – Saver Plus when you phone or email the Community Grants Hub.

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