Community Child Care Fund Open Competitive Round 3 grant opportunity

Grant Category Child Care
Grant Status Closed
Delivered on behalf of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment
Selection process Open
State/Territory National
Closing Date/Time AEDT

This grant opportunity is available to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved services that meet eligibility criteria in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.    

Intended outcomes are:

  • child care services operating in disadvantaged and vulnerable communities are able to address (or have increased capacity to address) community level barriers to child care participation
  • increased number of children from vulnerable or disadvantaged families and communities accessing child care
  • increased sustainability of child care services operating in disadvantaged communities experiencing viability issues, including in areas with fluctuating and/or low short-term demand
  • increased availability of child care places in disadvantaged communities with high unmet demand through capital works projects. 

Funding is available under three elements:

  • Sustainability Support: helping services operating in areas of limited supply improve the viability and sustainability of their service. 
  • Community Support: helping services to work with other organisations and families to identify and address community level barriers to child care participation. The engagement must ultimately result in increased child care participation.
  • Capital Support: helping services with the cost of modifying, renovating, extending or building child care facilities. These capital works must result in more child care places in areas where there is unmet demand.

More information

The application form will ask you to enter the Approved Provider Organisation ID and the Approved Child Care Service Organisation ID. Please access the Approved Provider Details and Approved Child Care Service Details documents to find your Organisation IDs. 

More information about the Community Child Care Fund - Round 3 as well as requirements for applicants, can be found in the following grant opportunity documents:

  • Grant Opportunity Guidelines
  • Questions and Answers
  • Approved Provider Details 
  • Approved Child Care Service Details 
  • Sample Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement – Sustainability Support
  • Sample Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement – Community Support
  • Sample Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement Supplementary Terms
  • Sample Commonwealth Simple Grant Agreement – Annexure A
  • Sample Commonwealth Standard Grant Agreement – Capital Support 
  • Sample Commonwealth Standard Grant Conditions, Supplementary Terms and Supplementary Conditions

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Contacting the Community Grants Hub

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Please quote 2019-3958 – Community Child Care Fund Open Competitive Round 3 when you phone or email the Community Grants Hub.

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