National Panel of Assessors Grant Opportunity

Grant Category Services for People with Disabilities
Grant Status Closed
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State/Territory National
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The National Panel of Assessors provides a range of independent assessment services to assist with the needs of people with disability in the workplace. Assessment services include Ongoing Support Assessments for DES participants, Supported Wage System assessments which determine the productivity-based wage for Supported Wage System participants, and Workplace Modifications Assessments for Employment Assistance Fund recipients.

The Australian Government is inviting membership to the Disability Employment Services (DES) National Panel of Assessors via an open application process, to provide assessment services across all Employment Service Areas (ESA) from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2023. Membership will be offered initially for these five years as a result of this process.

More information

More information about the services under the DES National Panel of Assessors and their delivery in the [area], as well as requirements for applicants can be found in the following documents that form the Grant Opportunity:

  • Grant Opportunity Guidelines

    This grant round requires that attachments specified in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines must be provided with your application.
  • Questions and Answers The question and answer period will close at 5:00pm AEDT Tuesday 17 October 2017. Following this time, only questions relating to using and/or submitting the application form will be answered.
  • Attachment A – National Panel of Assessors Coverage of Service – to be completed if you are applying to deliver Assessment Services Nationally, or at the ESA level.
  • Attachment B – National Panel of Assessors Assessor Qualifications – to be completed to provide details of each assessor’s qualifications, experience and location they will operate in.
  • Sample Application Form
  • Draft Grant Agreement
  • National Panel of Assessors Industry Information Paper – as published on the website.
  • ESA Maps

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