Disability Representative Organisations (DRO) Grant Opportunity

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The Australian Government invites applications via an open process to deliver systemic advocacy services under the Disabilities, Mental Health and Carers Program – DRO grant opportunity, nationally from 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2020. There are flexible models of funding. A DRO may apply individually; as part of an Alliance; or as Lead of a Consortium. DRO grants promote diversity of disability representation.

More information

More information about the services under the Disabilities, Mental Health and Carers Program – Disability Representative Organisations grant opportunity and their delivery as well as requirements for applicants can be found in the following documents that form the Application Pack:

  • Grant Opportunity Guidelines

    • This grant round requires that attachments specified in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines must be provided with your application.
  • Comprehensive Grant Agreement – Terms and Conditions
  • Questions and Answers may be updated throughout the application open period where any question addressed raises new information. The question and answer period will close at 5:00pm AEST Friday, 29 September 2017 so that answers to questions can be published before the application closing date.  Following this time, only questions relating to using and/or submitting the application form will be answered.
  • Attachment A must be completed and uploaded with your application by an individual organisation not forming an Alliance, nor leading a Consortium
  • Attachment B must be completed and uploaded with your application by an individual organisation seeking to form an Alliance (use advice above if applying as an individual organisation not in an Alliance, and advice below if applying to lead  a Consortium)
  • Attachment C must be completed by an organisation that is leading a Consortium
  • Attachment C.1 to be completed by all members of the Consortium (one completed Attachment per member) and provided by the Lead Organisation of a Consortium only when requested if shortlisted (do not submit through this on-line process).

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Contacting the Community Grants Hub

If you would like assistance please call the Community Grants Hub Hotline on 1800 020 283 and/or support@communitygrants.gov.au.

More information about the Community Grants Hub can be found at the Community Grants Hub website.

Please quote 2017-1035 Disability Representative Organisations when you phone or email the Community Grants Hub.